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In the meantime harvesting is already mostly industrialised. At the end of September the ripe fruit is taken off the trees within a very short time and then immediately processed.

The nuts can be harvested manually or mechanically. The advantage of manual picking is that each single nut can be examined and appraised. Unsound and infested nuts are recognised and sorted out. The advantage of the mechanical harvest is the speed.

Mechanical harvesting is effected by a machine surrounding the tree with a big cloth and then shaking the trunk. The pistachios fall into the cloth and then are shifted into a machine´s receptable.

The contamination by Aflatoxine is the biggest problem for the pistachios.

Aflatoxin is a metabolic product of the mould fungus which develops in connection with dirt and moisture over a certain period. On account of this fact it is absolutely important that the pistachios do not get in contact with the soil during the harvest and that long interim storage is avoided.

Once harvest is underway the pistachios are taken off the trees around the clock and immediately processed to minimize the risk of Aflatoxine.

Nutritive value per 100 g pistachio kernels

Calories 581 kcal (2,405 kJ)
Fat 51 − 55 g
Protein 17 − 21 g
Carbohydrates 11 − 16.5 g
Minerals 4.9 g
Vitamins 0.44 mg

Grading.: 18/20 , 20/22 , 22/24 , 24/26 , 26/28 , 28/30 , 30/32

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