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Dried Figs

The harvest is rather simple. During dry autum weather the ground below the fig trees must be thoroughly cleaned and then one must wait until the air-dried figs drop off by themselves (10 – 15 kilo per tree).

In Turkey the figs are afterwards additionnally dried on wooden racks, which are spread out on the warm ground or on straw.

Nutrive value per 100 g dried figs‘

Calories 250 kcal (1.059 kJ)
Fat 1.3 g
Protein 3.5 g
Carbohydrates 55 g
Minerals 2.3 g
Vitamins 0.5 mg

The Iranian hard figs are assorted according to below characteristics

1) Lightness
2) Opening of fig
3) Size of fig

Grade: Select

Colour: very light to white
Open at bottom: abt. 80 %
Size: less than 180 figs per kilo

Grade: AA

Colour: light brown
Open at bottom: abt. 50 %
Size: abt. 240 − 280 figs per kilo

Grade: A

Colour: brownish to greyish
Open at bottom: abt. 20 %
Size: more than 280 figs per kilo
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